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Beauty. Art! indulgence, coherence, consistency; poetry, rhythm. Fuck it!
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Timeframe: according to log August 2004 ( validity of timeframe is in doubt. Cross analyis reference suggest as early as 2001)
Location: Old Europe, Paris, France (unconfirmed)

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posted: 08:27:16; 06-09-2007
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A lengthy period of confusion and conflicting accounts has now been confirmed: a death. like you said about (...) you go out and shoot something and then you watch it back and then you go again [...] cause I am, I am addicted to images, so I need images to get me excited, only if it's to say I hate that. (...) Like, I need (...) to shoot something and then look it back and then, and then decide that it's shit or it's good (...) it doesn't matter whether it's bad or good(...) [Nivison 2 project] valuable contributions through image retrieval work! [untimely death] [Hopper Algorithm] is still not ready for use in the field/ dispute amongst members of section 61/HPR/ the implications of some of [Agent Ashcan's] retrieval work for the algorithm's precise implementation. In order to map and measure correctly the relationships and flows between all information/knowledge processing
> entities
, all entities have to be assigned to their appropriate units. A unit consist either of one autonomous entity or of a cluster of entities; [The Nivison 2 project was inspired by findings in connection with the Goedel dilation method, which experiments with similar structures and patterns] However, a cluster of entities only constitutes a unit, if the unit's capacity to interact with other units, in a particular form, depends on the particular combination of entities. /Instead, it disregards (all) time or space coordinates as a guiding structure for the retrieval of surface units/. It takes the opposite approach , as it uses
> certain qualitative aspects
of the  
posted: 08:46:30; 11-09-2007
> different surface units
as a retrieval
> guideline and
retrospectively draws conclusions regarding any underlying patterns of time and space relations.
The location at which
surface item SAS01/CRD23 was retrieved. Time detritus server 3, sublevel 349, with incomplete command logs. Not verified: object (observer || invisible==TRUE) ; if no other combination that could be constituted by only parts of the same cluster (of entities) would be able to interact with other units in the same particular form; and, if any interaction
> (of the particular form)
originating from other units, is directed at the unit as a whole,
as opposed to its constituent parts
> (i.e. an individual
posted: 09:21:32; 12-09-2007
> Any entity's activity,
taking place
within a unit
has to
be confined
to the unit
unless the activity's
purpose is
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> to facilitate
the unit's interaction with other units. Lying on the street, outside Waterloo International train station, London, UK, on june the 2nd, 2007. An object and its visual surface were retreived. [author of the VHS tape, which may be linked to a trail of similar tapes, which started to appear from september 2007 onwards. The tapes contain sensitive information, classified as code TRV-763/B] A chronology protection conjecture squad has been sent to deal with the issue. Authorization code DTH89/PP for dealing with any agents, suspected of deliberately witholding information relating to case VHS/PL34/001 as well as any linked cases has been issued [] The axiom of the analysis is to conceive and investigate reality primarily not through the properties of entities or units themselves, but through the properties of the relations between them.
By mapping these relationships, communication patterns, micro- and macro-level processes and their links and link mechanisms emerge.
> 1. agent
2. travil 3. reference 4. vhs 5. pl34 6. object 7. st55xr901383 8. absolute 9. gde001
10. nivison2 11. carvellian 12. images 13. retrieval 14. code 15. description
> 16. future 17. incident
18. location  
posted: 12:13:23; 14-09-2007
> 19.past 20. retrieved
21. timeframe 22. agents 23. codec 24. command
25. goedel 26. image 27. intelligence 28. mission
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32. surface 33. timespace 34. tm26 35. work 36. dilation 37. enlarge 38. library 39. london 40. network 41. reserves 42. rights 43. space 44. thumbnails 45. whereabouts 46. absolute's 47. algorithm 48. ashcan 49. coordinates 50. crd23 51. establish 52. found 53. log 54. missing 55. nivison 56. regarding 57. sas01 58. sightings 59. team 60. therefore 61. tr762x0098 62. _001 63. _002 64. _003 65. _004 66. action 67. albums 68. application 69. ashcan's 70. audio 71. came 72. channel 73. circumstances 74. conducted 75. connection 76. cross 77. death 78. dictated 79. dissappearance 80. extinct 81. family 82. global 83. hopper 84. hpr 85. immediate 86. importantly 87. incomplete 88. international 89. itself 90. john 91. kingdom 92. level 93. october 94. oldest 95. park 96. proof 97. rentner 98. return 99. reverse 100. screeches

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Timeframe: unspecified
Location: unknown
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posted: 20:02:33; 15-09-2007
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