T.R.A.V.I.L. is still urgently trying to establish the whereabouts of Agent Fatale, who was last seen getting into a silver vehicle on roda dos imigrantes, at 19:29:89 on the 27th of October 2006, when her team (mission #98-12-04) was on retrieval duty in nearby parque do estado, Sao Paolo, Brazil. Following an incident on 26th of November 2006 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which might be linked to Agent Fatale's dissapearance, a number of agents have been sent on her trail, three of whom have since dissappeared themselves.
The last unconfirmed sighting of Agent Fatale was on June the 5th, 2007, in
Brooklyn, New York City. At 02:34:65, agent Robert (Dick) Markham contacted T.R.A.V.I.L., allegedly from the Black Betty bar, 366 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11211, claiming to be with Agent Fatale and requesting special agent Gareth Reeper for help in retrieving her. T.R.A.V.I.L. could not confirm the time or location of agent Markham's request and there has been no trace of him since.
> Details
Agent Fatale was originally dispatched to St Petersburg, Russia, 06:43:00, on the 30th of September 2006, for a CS/23.3 mission (case study 8734/RT18), but the mission was terminated by T.R.A.V.I.L. on the 19th of October 2006. Agent Fatale was placed into team #98-12-04, on retrieval duty in South America, on October the 20th, 2006. She dissappeared from team #98-12-04 7 days later.
> anyone with any information about Agent Fatale's whereabouts or
> activities should contact T.R.A.V.I.L. through the usual channel
posted: 03:14:09; 18-06-2007
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