Carvellian Interview with sexy student stripper. TRAVIL 461. Sector 66A: SIIN 'Sex Industry Information Nuggets'.
Andrea, a very intelligent young lady who supports herself by stripping in a reputable (but non the less seedy) club off the main thorougfare in the centre of Prague. I met her in an internet cafe and later caught up with her in a bar; she consented to my use of a dictaphone. I don't think I asked her the right questions, but as you will see, we had a really nice little chat. I haven't seen her since.
  Boris Carvellian- Tell me, Andrea, where do you live
  Andrea I live in Prague, uh, almost in the centre of town. Uh, we have a nice flat, I think they are big. I live there with two friends.
  BC Are they strippers too?
  A Yes, and my, my father life in Bejing. Sister, my brother, my mother live in Prague.
  BC Oh really! Your father lives in Bejing?
  A Yes. We have a dog and, uh, some animal...small...I don't know it's name. It's.
  BC What colour is it?
  A It's different.
  BC Yes, all right, all different colours. A little dog?
  A Little dog but not dog.
  BC Right. OK. Not a dog?
  A No, no, no. We have dog and something. Cat! I know!
  BC Oh! Cat. Do you feed these animals at the same time.
  A Yes.
  BC With your other friends present.
  A Yes. My other friends.
  BC What do you do for fun in Prague?
  A It's the same thing like Great Britain I think. I go to the pub with my friends, I like dancing, I like read.
  BC You like to read?
  A Books?
  BC Right, you like to read books.
  A I study Czech so I have to read fifty, sixty books by year.
  BC Really? That's a lot of books between stripping and nurturing pets.
  A Ha, ha, ha. And then fifteen for French, so I have to read everytime.
  BC What was the last book you read?
  A Last book? It was some...some...
  BC What was the name of the author?
  A I don't remember.
  BC That's not good!
  A It was yesterday but I don't know!
  BC So, you must have friends in Prague.
  A Yes.
  BC Many friends?
  A Not many but some friends
  BC Yes. What do you think of the tourists in Prague?
  A Tourists
  BC Mmmm
  A I think the tourists are same everywhere. I like Japanese because they lot of, uh..., for make photo?
  BC Cameras
Camras yes. They, uh, five or six cameras that they shoot everything. This afternoon I went to my home I see some some tourist they shoot, they take photos of this something for not, uh, ah! It's in Prague because of terrorists.
  BC A tank .
  A Tank yes.
  BC They were taking pictures of the tank?
  A Yes.
  BC Where was that?
  A It was in museum, it's, uh, on the hill.
  BC Wenceslas Square? Radio Free Europe?
  A Yes.
  BC Regarding the question of tourists have you travelled anywhere yourself?
  A Yes. This holiday I was in French for, uh, two months.
  BC Where abouts in France?
  A What about France? What do you mean. About the people? About
  BC No. I mean where. Which city?
  A Which city? I was in Paris, in Marseille. I was it, uh. Bre no. Bretange.
  BC Brittany?
  A Brittany. In Normandy I study there, for all the time I did travel.
  BC And you do French at university right?
  A Yes, I have to do it, I have to speak French.
  BC You mentioned earlier that your Dad works in Bejing. Would you like to travel to Bejing?
  A Yes I was there. I think it was very interesting because the life there is so different.
  BC How do you mean-
  A It's the people, they don't rush. For example somebody sell fruit.
  BC Yes, fruit, what do you mean?
For example there is a vay and there is twenty people, twenty people who sell the same thing and they are, they spend their life in it, they never travel, never, it's different. I think that I have a chance to live in Czech Republic.
  BC You have a chance? What do you mean by that?
  A I uh, uh, uh, maybe I
  BC Do you mean lucky?
  A Yes. I am lucky.

Let me ask you. Do you like the cinema?

  A Yes I like cin...ah! I like Shrek. (Andrea points to a section in the the magazine on the table) It's funny. Did you see?


  A It's about...uh...I don't know how you say. It's not people. It's not a man.

Creature? Dwarf?

  A Creature. Yes. It's a story about him and about princess and she's beautiful and she's ugly? Uh, not nice.


  A And I think that the Prince he will. Uh...I don't know. But at the end of he film the prince will be from this, from Shrek.

He's the prince.

  A No. He is he but he will change from frog but no. Nice princess become something like him.

Really? Did you see that in Prague?

  A Yes. I see, I saw it in French. And Prague two or three times.

So you saw it in France as well?

  A Yes in Paris.

It's been a pleasure talking to you.

This item first appeared in R review magazine, issue #5, April 11th, 2003
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