What’s the point?
> Posted by: agent genus
posted: 01:18:43; 01-07-2007
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Still searching
posted by: agent fatale at 01:22:29; 01-07-2007
what’s the point of searching?
posted by: agent genus at 01:23:18; 01-07-2007
there’s always time…
posted by: agent fatale at 01:24:21; 01-07-2007
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Still getting my head round the porn on the web. Anyone got any suggestions?
> Posted by: agent gobbie
posted: 17:21:31; 24-06-2007
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Yea. Get the real thing you dog.
posted by: agent suze at 17:22:01; 24-06-2007
Why are you the only person to reply to me?
posted by: agent gobbie at 17:24:08; 24-06-2007
I’ll explain tonight. Bout time we had one of our get-togethers.
posted by: agent suze at 17:25:19; 24-06-2007
Gobbie by name and Gobbie by nature
posted by: agent gobbie at 17:27:12; 24-06-2007
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I know I’m not supposed to say this but
> Posted by: Posted by: agent elf
posted: 04:17:00; 19-06-2007
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Picked up some equipment today. Is this as good as it gets?
> Posted by: agent doc
posted: 03:34:21; 11-06-2007
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We can meet up and I can show you some modifications
posted by: agent maplin at 03:35:54; 11-06-2007
Sounds like a good idea although we’re on a strict timeline
posted by: agent ned at 03:39:02; 11-06-2007
the modifications will halve the duration of your work schedule
posted by: agent peacock at 03:40:27; 11-06-2007
It’s a date. Same place same time?
posted by: agent doc at 03:42:01; 11-06-2007
Is Da Vinci a chrononaut? Did Jesus drink nettle tea?
posted by: agent maplin at 03:44:46; 11-06-2007
Ha, ha! He shoots, he maims.
posted by: agent peacock at 03:45:10; 11-06-2007
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Do your work. Don’t get distracted. Life is too short.
> Posted by: agent(s) the clever ones
posted: 06:12:23; 30-05-2007
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posted by: agent fatale at 23:43:11; 30-05-2007
posted by: agent gregory at 01:11:09; 31-05-2007
…is a sin
posted by: agent barnaby at 01:19:45; 31-05-2007
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Just arrived. Where do we hang out?
> Posted by: agent object
posted: 14:27:02; 26-05-2007
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there’s a place we go but it depends on what you’re after.
posted by: agent blue at 14:27:59; 26-05-2007
making the most of the hours we don’t have to work
posted by: agent object at 14:29:11; 26-05-2007
sounds like you need an evening at ‘the Barn’, an Agent favourite.
posted by: agent blue at 14:31:07; 26-05-2007
where is it?
posted by: agent object at 14:32:47; 26-05-2007
easy to find if you fit in there!
posted by: agent blue at 14:34:21; 26-05-2007
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I have found that nettle tea is the best cure for TRAVIL sickness
> Posted by: Posted by: agent Tsetse
posted: 10:21:409; 11-05-2007
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Hey! Is it just me or does the coke taste different here?
> Posted by: agent nostalgia
posted: 16:02:32; 25-04-2007
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Yohoo!!!! U re so right...and dont get me started on the food!!!!!
posted by: agent obstacle at 23:51:02; 27-04-2007
That Doner kebab thing is not too bad!
posted by: agent thing21 at 06:20:23; 29-04-2007
Eyh, you dumb kids! Why does it always have to be the same s***? Can you not enjoy something a little bit different for a change?
posted by: agent ruffneck at 21:19:31; 01-05-2007
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I've been here now nearly two months and so far I've made myself familiar pretty well with the slightly strange recording equioment they've got. What I haven't managed to figure out is a way to record people secretly. I've noticed some of the cameraphones have got fairly good cameras, and you can hide them quite easily, but you don't really have much control over them, like start/stop recording, or framing your subjects.
any ideas anyone?
> Posted by: Posted by: agent context
posted: 21:11:45; 22-04-2007
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