conversation fragment, Barcelona, September 2001
...like you said about your last project that you go and shoot something and you watch it back and then you go again, maybe, so we could probably do that. [person 2]: cause I'm. I am, I am addicted to images, so I need images to get me excited, only if it's to say I hate that. But you see what I mean? Like, I need for us to shoot something and then look it back and then, and then decide that it's shit or it's good, you know it doesn't matter whether it's bad or good, it's just that I need... [person1]: no, I mean I think what we should do is... [person 2]: just to kind of, get on a roll [person 1]: I think what we should probably do is, just, I don't have tomorrow, but are you completely decided what we gonna do tomorrow, because that's your approach and, you see what I mean? [person 2]: I'm completely decided? [person 1]: you're gonna decide tomorrow what we'll do, because, in the evening [person 2]: all right, ok, yeah [person 1]: because that's...very much how you did your other projects, whereas I'm maybe more like what I do now, you know I write down [person 2] cause I don't, I mean, cause that stuff, I just know that there is such a big difference between writing something and then doing it, know what I mean, it's, if you wanna work on structures like that, I think you have to try it out basically and just try a little part of it, just try a scenario out with that concept in mind and actually see if we can actually work it or not, but we need to actually do it, go and shoot something and see if it works...
In the evening we went to Placa Catalunia and bought small cans of beer from a short Colombian guy, who was selling them out of a bucket filled with ice cubes. We were talking about the surface of images that had covered the whole city. The next day, we saw a cockroach walking down La Ramblas and then engaged in another conversation about the hyperreal nature of the city. How even the cockroach fitted into that atmosphere. It seemed natural to talk about the objective of our coming here, us being here. We conversed, analyzed and argued about the use of recording any images of or in this place. Three months we had prepared for this moment, but now, here, in what we had trained for, we did not know what to do. There could not have been a starker contrast than this place, to the tense and claustrophobic circumstances we had come from. We argued more [...] about the use of taking images in a place that seemed to exist purely to be recorded. To us, it seemed paradox, yet not to do so would have produced only a seemingly contradictory or absurd statement, even if it would express a possible truth. From Parc Guell, overlooking the city, we observed the houses, the marks, the structure. We despised the place and [...]
On the third day, in the morning, we decided
to follow some random person. In Carrer Carmen, someone was walking ahead of us. We followed him down the narrow, thin and beautiful alleyways, criss-crossing Barrio Chino. Near the seaside he entered the main road, which would eventually lead us to to the Columbo column, where he stopped and talked to someone. After five minutes, the two parted. We then followed the other person. [...]
-,. We still didn't know, what the objective was, no one had, even in the past, ever told us. [...]
! we had to record what the fuck was required from us.
thkis , sorry on,,,, the 2e or ssometime in September 20001 on some day, and here , and that its 22-09-2001; 15:17:28: we recorded in order to cenrend and what we had to recod, to record the fuck out of it .. ! 5 22 thi the fuck . At
the table, for almost an entire hour, nothing happened apart from some movement. At some point,.? . After that we went to Paris.
posted: 11:46:13; 11-08-2008
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